I know it’s been a while since my last commentary post on a manga or anime, but I hope you’ll wait a bit longer while I finish my commentary on Hanasaku Iroha. In the meantime, head over to the blog Hisa x Mihoko (don’t let the name fool you), where Arwyn explores the linguistic subtleties of translating Japanese works to English and vice versa when she begins playing a recent visual novel:

Personally, I think translating something is a marvellous and enigmatic art. One of my cousins say translating isn’t appealing because it’s “not logical”. I presume he means there is a lack of a one-to-one correspondence. Which would be wholly correct. The interplay of nuances, connotations, or feelings that something may evoke all come into play; what sounds right in one language may have a wonderful corresponding pair in an entirely different form.

I hope everyone’s enjoying the end of the summer anime season. Let me know if there’s a show you find particularly interesting.