TL Note“, short for “translator’s note”, is a common occurrence in many manga and anime translated into English (or any language other than Japanese). Some notes explain concepts unfamiliar outside Japan, while others explain detailed information that may not be immediately obvious to the reader or viewer.

Some translator’s notes are brief and appropriate, such as the one used above in Nichijou explaining the random usage of Malay words in an anime that is already very random.

On the other hand, other translator’s notes can be excessive, such as the one used above in Aria the Scarlet Ammo explaining the words nakama, baka, and gaijin to extreme lengths.

While you might be thinking that this is nothing new, people are actually interested in learning extra information about the content they’re consuming. But how do we present this information in a clean way that doesn’t detract from the consumer’s enjoyment? We’ll do it here as a one-stop-shop for discussing things that warrant more than a one-line translator’s note.

We discuss this extra information in a manner so that it’s as complete and detailed as possible. If you’re interested in connecting themes in manga and anime to a greater context, we hope you’ll enjoy this blog.

If you think there is something we should explain in your favorite manga or anime, feel free to drop a note and we’ll try to answer them.